BUSCH MI 1352 BV Vacuum Pump


Product Information:
Manufacturer: BUSCH
Model: MI 1352 BV
Serial #: 04053100
Product ID: 211023

Additional details:
Condition: Preowned
Weight: 1195 lbs
Dimensions: 51 in. X 26 in. X 30 in. (width X height X depth)
System: Vacuum Pump
Location: Midwest USA

Detailed Description:

BUSCH MI 1352 BV Vacuum Pump

MINK Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

Ultimate pressure: 20 - 200 hPa (mbar)
Overpressure: 2 bar(g)
Nominal pumping speed 50 Hz: 40 - 950 m³/h
Nominal pumping speed 60 Hz: 40 - 1150 m³/h                             

MINK claw vacuum pumps and compressors are the result of continuous development in claw technology. Decades of experience in countless applications have led to substantial improvements.

MINK claw technology combines performance, reliability and efficiency through an innovative design. It can be used for both, vacuum and compressed air generation.

The dry and contact-free operating principle provides the benefit of nearly maintenance-free operation.

MINK vacuum pumps and compressors are perfectly suited for industrial applications, in which constant vacuum or overpressure and oil-free operation are essential.

Operating principle

MINK claw vacuum pumps and compressors feature two claw-shaped rotors. The rotors are mounted in a housing and move in opposite directions. The shape of these claw rotors extracts, compresses and expels the pumped medium.

The minimal clearance between the rotors and the chamber housing optimizes the internal seal. So, no lubricants or operating fluids are required in the compression chamber.

MINK vacuum pumps and compressors are driven by a directly flange-mounted motor. A synchronizing gearbox maintains precise rotor timing.

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