About Indy Crossroads Equipment

Indy Crossroads Equipment - Pharmaceutical and Nutritional manufacturing equipmentWelcome to Indy Crossroads Equipment, LLC. At Indy Crossroads, we are in the business of brokering, purchasing, and selling surplus processing, packaging, and laboratory equipment. We specialize in equipment and machinery for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Chemical, and Food Industries. We are committed to providing our clients with efficient strategies and industry contacts to obtain a maximum return on their used equipment, and/or finding the highest quality equipment they seek for their industrial use at a competitive price.

Indy Crossroads Equipment offers several different services in order to assist clients in reaching this maximum return on investment. These services include brokering, outright cash purchases, and auctioning options. We focus on website marketing through our website, industry listing vehicles, and targeted marketing campaigns to specifically market equipment to the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries. At Indy Crossroads, we focus on nurturing a strong customer relationship in order to understand and meet the goals of our clients.