ELANCO Qualicaps S-15 Quali-Seal Capsule Bander


Product Information:
Manufacturer: Qualicaps ELANCO
Model: S-15 Quali-Seal HICAPSEAL 15
Serial #:
Product ID: 180730

Additional details:
Condition: Machine Completely Rebuilt
Weight: 1340 lbs
Dimensions: 36 in. X 60 in. X 80 in. (width X height X depth)
System: Automatic Capsule Bander Sealer
Location: Midwest, USA

Detailed Description:

REBUILT - ELANCO Qualicaps S-15 Fully Automatic Two-Piece Hard Capsule Banding/Sealing Machine

Manufacturer: Qualicaps / ELANCO
Model: S-15 Quali-Seal (now know as the HICAPSEAL)
Capsule Bander/Sealer Change Parts: Comes with (1) full set of SIZE 1 Capsule Bander Tooling - Capacity: Intiial production of 15,000 capsule per hour


ELANCO Quali-Seal S-15 (now know as the HICAPSEAL 15) Fully Automatic Hard Capsule Sealing Machine

This bander/sealer is a small-sized capsule bander/sealer developed for precisely sealing the connection between the cap and the body of a hard capsule filled with oily liquid or solid drug products.
Qualicaps has investigated drug formualtions so as to make fat-soluble drugs or hard-soluble drugs effectively act in human bodies, and has provided the oily drug filler and the high-speed fully-automatic hard capsule sealing machine.
The bander/sealer has realized improvement in stability of drug products by preventing leak from the capsules filled with oily drug, preventing oxidation of the drug, and having deodorization effect. Hence, it enables high precision banding/sealing of hard capsules, allowing manufacturing of drugs with excellent physical stability.
The S-15's compact footprint allows it to fit into almost any research environment. Acomplete changeover can be accomplished in about 20 minutes, because ery few change parts are required.
The operation and maintenance of the S-15 is designed with the operator in mind. The entire banding/sealing and drying process can be monitored to allow quality checks during the production process.
The S-15 is engineered to keep maintenance and service to a minimum. The modular design of all components allows unit replacements to be made quickly and easily.

The hopper introduces capsules into the rectification system, where three rotatiing drums align the capsules. As the caps and bodies are directionally oriented, out-of-round capsules are automatically discharged. The capsules are transferred to stainless steel plates where they are sealed and dried. The banding/sealing process (See illustration in pictures provided) takes place as the capsules pass over two rollers partially immersed in gelatin which is electrically heated and temperature controlled to .5% of 1 degree. Bubbles are automatically rolled away by the second roller's application of gelatin. The result is a pharmaceutically smooth, liquid-tight band/seal which produces a seamless, joined capsule. In the drying chamber ambient air gently dries the capsules without creating new bubbles or brittleness. Finally, the finished capsules are drawn from the plates by vacuum.

COMPACT SIZE: This banding/sealing machine is compactly designed footprint of about 3 m2.
HIGH PRECISION BANDING/SEALING: The banding/sealing machine enables high-precision banding/sealing by adopting the two-stage banding/sealing method.

LABORSAVING IN SIZE CHANGING WORK: Becasue the transfer slat is common to the capsules of size 1 to size 4, labor can be saved in size change work
This banding/sealing machine can be used for concurrent manufacturing of multiple types of capsules of small quantities by ,ounting multiple line change parts for sizes 000, 00, 0 and 1. or Sizes 2, 3, 4 and 5 for each line.


S-15 Capsule Sealing Machine_ Hicapseal 15.pdf

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